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Palm Beach boats make for an exceptional addition to anyone’s quality of life by granting us the unfettered ability to explore the open seas at our own discretion. With so many breathtaking destinations for new fishing boats, there is never a shortage of ways to spend the day in West Palm Beach. However, for how well new boats take care of their passengers, it is equally as important for us to show West Palm Beach boats that same level of care. Stay one step ahead of pesky grime with these tips for exterior boat detailing!

Step 1: Rinse

Every round of detailing for fishing boats should start with a thorough rinse. This will break down any loose debris from the surface of your boat. Keep in mind that this will not offer a complete clean, but it will get your boat primed for the rest of its detailing. A good hose nozzle is sufficient, but a pressure washer is even more effective at breaking down grime.

Step 2: Apply Soap

After rinsing away all that loose debris, it’s time to apply soap! Not just any soap, though – be sure to seek out a specialized boat cleaner. Other soaps may tarnish the surface or clean ineffectively. Going one small area at a time, lather up the outside of your boat. Be sure to rinse off the soap as you go! If the soap dries, it may damage your finish or leave unsightly marks.

Step 3: Buff it Out

Now that all the dirt is gone, your boat’s exterior should be looking much better! However, it has likely lost some of that sheen that makes it look “brand new.” To bring back that shine, buff the exterior surface by hand or with a rotary buffer. This removes oxidation and helps prepare the surface for the next step!

Step 4: Get Waxy

In order to restore that showroom shine, you’ll need a wax that is specifically for boat surfaces. Boat wax makes your boat look brand new while also protecting the surface from debris and grime build-up. The more you buff, the less you’ll need to clean your boat in the future! Again, go one small area at a time and buff off the wax as you apply it. Before you know it, it will look just like brand new boats for sale in West Palm Beach again.

Final Inspection

Now that your boat is polished off, what comes next? This is the best time to think about the best ways to maintain that freshly detailed aesthetic. Boats are out in the sun all the time and need extra protection against UV rays. Consider looking into fabric treatments for your interior and aerospace protectants to make sure that your boat looks like new for years to come!

Need help detailing new fishing boats? Don’t sweat it – South Florida Yachts is here to help! As your premier boat dealers in Palm Beach County, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Palm Beach boats. We treat each and every one of our clients in the personal and professional manner that they deserve. Contact South Florida Yachts today and be the next to join our family of satisfied repeat customers!

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