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3 Popular Hangout Spots for Boaters Around West Palm Beach

3 Popular Hangout Spots for Boaters Around West Palm Beach

When navigating West Palm Beach as a boater, it helps to know where all the popular hangout spots are. Whether you’re looking to network, make new friends, or explore the West Palm Beach boats for sale, knowing these spots can help maximize the fun you can have with your boat.

This list will explore some of the most popular places frequented by boaters around the West Palm Beach area.

The Best Spots for Boaters and Boats in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is known for its beautiful palm trees, extravagant cultural attractions, exciting nightlife, and much more. If you’re a boater, you’ll be pleased to know there are a variety of hangout spots throughout the region, including wonderful places to fish.

1. Clematis Street

After sailing around Palm Beach, sail to the Palm Harbor Marina. Once you dock, head over to Clematis Street. As the historical center of downtown West Palm Beach, Clematis Street is an ideal hangout spot for boaters.

Once you’re there, you can easily experience any of the following:

• Nightclubs
• Boutiques
• Restaurants
• Historic sites
• Live music

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself on Clematis Street on a Thursday evening, get ready for a special treat. Every Thursday night, Clematis Street hosts Clematis By Night. This is a renowned event with live music, local food, and wonderful drinks.

2. Peanut Island

If you’re looking for the number one boating destination in West Palm Beach, look no further than Peanut Island. This lovely place has everything required for an exciting day at sea. In addition to a dock and designated snorkeling areas, you can find picnic areas and paths that will take you to a museum.

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s even a presidential nuclear fallout shelter. How’s that for historical?

3. Palm Beach Yacht Club

If you’re looking for the best views in West Palm Beach, you need to visit the Palm Beach Yacht Club. This fantastic club provides year-round on-water activities and is an excellent place to meet other boaters.
Speaking of meetings, the club also hosts regular social events where boaters can bring their families and get to know other club members. They also provide racing events that have a uniquely relaxed feel. While healthy competition is certainly encouraged, the club is mainly a space for people to have fun.

Meet Up with Other Boaters

Now that you know some of the most popular hangout spots for those with boats in West Palm Beach, you’re ready to get out there and meet some other boaters!

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