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Happy New Year! As we look ahead at 2019, we dream about the destinations we can’t wait to cruise–and the boats that will help us get there. One of the latest boats here at South Florida Yachts, the all-new 2019 Robalo 272, offers an especially choice way to get around and experience the water in the year ahead. Its sophisticated center console design lends itself to a variety of thrills—including, of course, landing that trophy catch. Read on as we get to know the new 272, as well as a few of the key ways it can make your on-thewater adventures even better.

Home on the water

Want to find your second home? It might just be on the 272, where a spacious center console configuration and family-minded layout offer all the comforts of home on the water. Passengers can recline by the bow or transom as you carve out some casting time—or if you need the extra room, simply fold up the transom bench and cast your line there! When you think the Robalo 272, think “versatility.” Flexible details like this give you a way to craft the custom angling adventure you have always dreamed of, so that you can fish by day, entertain by night, and enjoy your surroundings to the fullest.

Angler-approved details

Don’t forget about the angler-approved details that make the 272 a favorite boat for fishing. A livewell that’s molded into the port-side gunwale comes with a clear-view hatch, providing the perfect place to store (and show off) your most impressive catches. Ample square footage gives you plenty of room to find that ideal casting spot, while shade up top keeps you cool, comfortable and collected as you aim for that trophy catch.

The Robalo way

Of course, the 2019 Robalo 272 comes complete with all the little touches that make every Robalo an angler’s dream. A dry-riding freeboard, for example, gives you and your crew the chance to embark on high-octane adventures while staying cool, dry and comfortable. A thoughtfully designed forward keel, meanwhile, provides the momentum you need to really get the most out of those exciting offshore runs (though your 272 is just as apt at slow, shallow-water days, too!). The 2019 Robalo 272 is sure to bring your family on-the-water thrills, catches and memories throughout the year and beyond. Be sure to visit South Florida Yachts to see this and other Robalo models soon! We look forward to helping you enjoy your time on the water to the fullest.

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