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If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure in an offshore fishing boat equipped with top-notch innovative features, you need to look no further than a Robalo. As one of the leaders in the marine industry with over 50 years of experience and 15 different models, Robalo boats incorporate quality materials that can withstand any rough and tough conditions, yet continue to remain in pristine condition.

Whether it’s the premium stain-resistant upholstery it features, or the chrome plated stainless steel on all hardware, Robalo boats come with all sorts of features that are a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and innovative style and designs.

Here are three features on some incredible Robalo boats that you may not know about or perhaps wish you knew before.

Bird’s Eye View of the Water

The Robalo 246 Cayman Sky Deck offers you a view of the water from a height you probably haven’t come across before. An expertly designed second station aboard this beautiful vessel offers you a chance to take your offshore angling adventures to new heights. The 246 offers you the same comfort as all the other bay boats Robalo offers, along with an added advantage of extra deck space to accommodate company on those weekend excursions you can’t wait to take. The second station in this model allows you to take it easy and enjoy a smooth ride as you enjoy the views below in complete comfort and luxury.

Two Oversized Livewells

Robalo’s R302 center console boat promises you an unmatched thrill and a smooth ride regardless of how rough the waters around you are. But probably one of the features that may not be highlighted enough are the 20-gallon cooler/livewells with plex lid incorporated in this model. Livewells are an essential part of onboard equipment, and their presence can take your angling experience to another level.

The bigger the livewell, the more space you have to accommodate big baits. Certain bait that are known to attract large offshore species need a lot of space and water flow to remain healthy enough to serve their purpose. The livewells in these boats will allow you to up your game to another level with the storage capacity they offer.

Reliable Electronics

Along with several other models, the Robalo R180 is one of the best boats you could consider for your fishing adventures because of the reliable features that it offers. Along with tough command link gauges that provide you with accurate and current data on your operating conditions, these models are also fitted with optional Garmin electronics that will give you an added edge while out on the water. Easy to use technology aboard your vessel can provide you several advantages that other boats can’t compete with.

Robalo boats are the perfect fit for someone looking for an offshore fishing boat that doesn’t just make angling more exciting but also brings the feeling of cruising and comfort every time you are out on the water. Our crew at South Florida Yachts would be happy to answer any questions you have about Robalo boats and help you find the perfect fit for all your angling needs.

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