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Buying a boat is one of the biggest investments and commitments you will probably make in your life – it’s no surprise that such a decision needs a lot of thought and research before you finalize it. Having a trustworthy boat dealer by your side, however, can make the whole process a lot smoother and easier. 

Before you make your purchase, it’s essential to ask your boat dealer some important questions:

Why Should I Be Purchasing from You?

When going through various inventories and boat dealers, there is someone who will most likely stand out more than others. A boat dealer who can clearly convince you of their competence, experience, and knowledge is probably someone you should trust. 

What Warranty Does the Boat Come With?

One of the most important aspects that goes into the decision-making process is knowing If your potential boat will be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. Your boat dealer should explain the details of the warranty plan and inform you about what components of your boat will be covered under it and what won’t. 

What Kind of Maintenance Does the Boat Require?

Knowing what level of maintenance your boat requires is an important aspect to consider when preparing to make your purchase. If you live in an area where your boat will require special winter storage, you need to ask about your options for that as well. Your maintenance requirements will also depend on where you plan to use your boat and how often. Knowing about these requirements will help determine what kind of maintenance costs you will be looking at.

What Kind of Services Do You Offer?

It is important to know what type of services are offered by your boat dealership and what are their timings and appointment requirements. Some boat dealers will even offer you same day services depending on what the issue is. Having a boat dealer that is accessible and can seamlessly fulfill all your service requirements is something you should look for when deciding whom to purchase your boat from. 

What Kind of Financing Options Are Available?

An experienced boat dealer will be able to help you understand what kind of finance options are available for you to make your purchase. Securing a boat loan requires some research and consulting and you would need to work with a lender specializing in marine financing. 

If you are looking for boats in Palm Beach, talk to us at South Florida Yachts and learn about the brands we represent and all the services we offer.

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