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From sun protection to durability and everything in between, what you wear on the water matters. That’s why our boat experts for Port St. Lucie boats are here to give you the ultimate breakdown on the do’s and don’ts of boating apparel. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or a cruising fanatic, read on for 5 clothing items every boater needs!

Good For The Sole: Boating Shoes

Slipping your feet into a pair of shoes designed for marine wear will surely take your boating experience to a whole new level of comfort and functionality. WHen shopping for a good pair of boating shoes, there are a couple of directions you could go. Focus on finding a shoe that is built for your functionality, like fishing, and don’t be afraid to try several pairs out before deciding on which one works best for you. 

Fun In The Sun: Protective Shirts

If you spend a lot of time on your boat, then you probably are aware of how important sun protection is. And that doesn’t just mean applying a good amount of sunscreen, Protective clothing is just as important, and with protective shirts, you can be sure to block out these harmful rays and do it in style! Pro tip: Bluer or darker colors tend to reflect or absorb UV light better than whiter colors. 

From Boat To Bar: Functional Shorts

A great option for boaters is what’s called hybrid shorts. This is because of their combination between shorts designed for the water and shorts designed for the dock. If you want to enjoy a day out on the water followed up with a dinner reservation, then hybrid shorts give you the best of both worlds. When shopping for hybrid shorts, focus on the fit, the functionality and the convenience. 

Rain, Rain, Go Away: Rain Gear

Florida weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so stay dry while out on the water with some rain gear. From pants to jackets, boating rain gear should remain waterproof but breathable. Mobility is important when spending time on a boat, so you don’t want to have to deal with heavy, stiff gear that just gets in your way. 

Stay Shady: Essential Eyewear

We’ve already highlighted how important sun protection is, especially in South Florida, and your eyes are no expectation. But thankfully, when it comes to sunglasses, you have plenty of protective and stylish options to choose from in many cases. Look for brands that are specifically designed for the boating lifestyle because these will likely serve best in areas of UV protection, durability and clarity. 

What you wear when spending time on your favorite Robalo isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about having all your bases covered when it comes to functionality and protection. At the end of the day, your boating gear is important, and clothing is certainly included. So next time you hit the water for fun on your boat, gear up and enjoy the day from head to toe!

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