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As a boater, you are probably more concerned about your boat’s safety during the hurricane season as opposed to any other time of the year. That’s natural, given how strong winds and storm surge can cause an immense amount of damage to any vessel that hasn’t been properly secured and stored for this volatile season. 

Storm proofing your boat and putting together a hurricane preparation plan is a smart way to protect your boat from damage that the unruly weather might cause. Here are a few top tips from your trusted boat dealers in Palm Beach County on how you can prepare your boat for the hurricane season:

Store Your Boat in a Secure Spot

Where you store your boat during the storm season is a very important factor in determining how safe and secure it will remain in bad weather. Depending on the size of your boat along with your usual storage plans, you need to give your boat’s storage location a lot of consideration at this time. You may feel an indoor storage facility might be better for your boat or perhaps you will just want to secure it properly at your usual marina. Whatever you choose, keep all factors in mind when determining the location of the storage spot. 

Take a Full Inspection of Your Boat in Advance

Before the storm season hits, you want to make sure that you check your boats for any leaks and cracks that you need to get fixed. Doing all the repair work before the hurricane season arrives will help you to avoid any bigger damages later. When you are storing your boat for this season, you should disconnect all shore power cords, turn off water supply hoses and close your gas valves. Any small items on your boat that can get damaged by heavy rain or fly off in the strong winds should be removed and stored away safely.

Go Over All Your Boat Documents

Before your boat becomes vulnerable to the harsh weather, you want to make sure to go over your boat’s documents to check if everything is updated. This also includes looking at your insurance policy and warranty to see if anything needs to be changed or addressed. 

To learn more, talk to our Palm Beach County boat dealers at South Florida Yachts who can help you find boats for sale and also advise you on how to keep them safe all year!

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