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Excited to hit the water this summer? We are, too! Your local waterways are the perfect place to soak up some sunshine, enjoy the salty, breezy air and go cruising—and maybe even land the big catch. Here are some tips for safe, smooth boating adventures all summer long.

Practice smart social distancing on the water

As you prepare to go fishing or boating this summer, plan to go cruising with your household family members and keeping your distance from fellow boaters (for example, hold off on the raft-ups for now). And as always, added patience as your fellow boaters dock will be appreciated by everyone enjoying the water on the sunny, splashing weekends ahead!

Be courteous at marinas, beaches and other public places

As more marinas, beaches and other public places open up around South Florida, it is important to still follow safe, courteous practices like distancing yourself from fellow visitors, donning a mask and washing your hands before and after using shared spaces and equipment.

Slather on the sunscreen

Here in South Florida, of course, sunscreen is a year-round must-have for boaters and outdoor adventurers of every kind—but during the summertime, when you may plan to spend even longer hours on the water, it is especially important to remember to reapply regularly for ultimate protection and peace of mind. You can also pair your sunscreen with wide-brimmed hats and a lightweight top while on board for added coverage. (Tip: Too much sun for one day? Keep aloe vera gel in a cooler and apply it after your on-the-water fun for cool, comfortable relief.)

Follow everyday on-the-water safety tips

If you have not been out boating in a while, you may find it helpful to put together a quick checklist on items to keep on board—everyday essentials like life preservers, spare towels, fire extinguishers and more, as well as items you may be using more often such as gloves and hand sanitizer for stops in between your home or marina and the water. And be sure to fuel up for your trip, too. Remember the rule of thirds, especially if you are exploring somewhere new: Reserve one third of your fuel for getting to the destination, one for getting back, and one for just in case.  

Cruise slowly in tight or crowded areas

As always, strive to be courteous of your fellow boaters—and the animals who call your favorite waterway “home”—by slowing down in congested areas and following posted speed signs wherever needed. This is especially important when maneuvering canals, tight corners and mangrove-lined shores where manatees, water birds and other critters like to hang out.

The start of every on-the-water adventure is, of course, a boat to call your own! If you are searching for boats for sale in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area, South Florida Yachts is here to help you find your dream ride (whether that’s a family center console, spacious yacht or other option!). Just call us today to learn more.

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